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Cloud Vape would like to welcome you to our best portable vaporizer information page. Here we examine the many vape pens on the market to help you decide which is best for you. With so many options on the market, it can be tough to choose a good unit that does not compromise on quality yet remains affordable.

So what is a vape pen?
A vape pen is basically a pen shaped vaporizer that is designed to be portable while remaining stealth and is normally about the size of a sharpie marker. A vape pen is also a healthier alternative to standard smoking methods as it allows the user to vaporize the herbs as opposed to burning them which is known to release many carcinogens.

With vape pens there are only a couple of options for heating; conduction heating and convection heating. With convection, the heating element will never touch your ingredients and will use a medium such as a polyfill passed over hot air to best portable vaporizer.

Conduction on the other hand utilizes a coil or filament that is heated to produce vapor and are most common with oil pens but can also be used on wax and thicker substances depending on the tank in use.

Most typical vape pens fall into one of three categories:

Oil Pens
Most often used with a glycerin concentrate much like the consistency of an e liquid you might find in an electronic cigarette. Some oil pens may only work with this type of concentrate, but don’t worry, the information found at Cloud Vape will be enough to walk you right through it. There are also oil pens that are designed to work with a slightly thicker or hash oil, the main difference here would be the atomizer or cartridge on the oil pen you choose. These vaporizer pens are becoming more popular as many dispensaries now carry pre filled hash oil cartridges, that can be disposed of after use.

Wax Pens
These vaporizers will normally not have a tank system like the above mentioned oil pen, but rather will contain a cartridge that allows for a thicker substance or “wax” to be vaporized effectively. The wax pen cartridge will normally sit atop a heating element that is normally ceramic or metal depending on the pen. A good example of this would be the Cloud Vape. While these vapes look much the same as the any standard oil or dry herb vape pen, they do function differently and should not be used with oils, however many will also work with dry herbs.

Dry Herb Pens
A dry herb vaporizer pen or flower should reach a vaporizing temperature almost instantly to avoid burning of the material in use. A good dry herb pen should also have a filter separating it from direct contact with the heating element to help avoid problems with combustion. Operating similar to a wax pen, most of best dry herb vaporizers have a ceramic heating element and can often function with waxes so long as you don’t mind a little clean up. While this sector of the market is growing as dry herb is the most common ingredient used with a vaporizer there are still few alternatives available for purchase.

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