Da Buddha best portable dry herb vaporizer

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Da Buddha is one of the most best portable dry herb vaporizer, efficient and cost-effective vaporizing units available today if like to buy vaporizer online. It was designed for those looking for the ultimate vaporizing experience. Each unit is built using only the highest quality components and materials. This unit has a high-quality ceramic heating element which eliminates the inhilation of harmful toxins. By utilizing Ground Glass Connections, the Da Buddha Vaporizer is a Hands Free unit that doesn’t require the user to hold the whip in place. It also utilizes a temperature control system that allows the user to adjust the vaporizing temperature accordingly. The Da Buddha Vaporizer, best vaporizer for dry herb also features a unique cylindrical design which optimizes air resistance and provides a natural cooling effect.

Unlike many other Whip-Style Vaporizers that utilize a small herbal chamber, the Da Buddha Vaporizer features an extra-wide chamber which allows for a more efficient and effective vaporization process. It’s also capable of reaching vaporization temperatures within 2 minutes. To answer the frustrations of many Vaporizer enthusiasts, the Ground Glass Whip was specially designed to allow for easy removal and insertion of screens. Built in the USA, the Da Buddha Vaporizer comes with a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and includes a Ground Glass Hands Free Wand, 3 ft. of Vinyl Tubing, Glass Mouthpiece and a SSV stir stick. Each unit also includes a Free Padded Storage Bag for protecting the Vaporizer during travel. This vaporizer is for sale in lots of vaporizer store.

Da Buddha best portable vaporizer Features:

Built in USA
High-Quality Ceramic Heating Element
Hands Free Design (Ground Glass)
Fully Adjustable Temperature Control System
Easy Change Screen
FREE Padded Storage Bag
Easy To Use
Da Buddha Accessories (Included):

Padded Storage Bag
Ground Glass Wand
3 ft. Vinyl Tubing
Glass Mouthpiece
SSV Stir Stick
Replacement Screens
Instruction Manual

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