Temperature Variation of portable herbal vaporizer

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Temperature variation is different with each different best desktop vaporizer brand that you use. Digital best vaporizers claim a digital control over the variation in temp with feedback sensors and process these signals to regulate temp…or so they say. The Arizer Extreme Q has a maximum temperature of 485 degrees Fahrenheit (250 degree Celsius). In our tests it took 4:21 minutes to reach max temp; 3:49 mins to reach optimal vaporization temp (~ 350 F). The Extreme Q vaporizers for sale  use a ceramic heating element accompanied by a centrifugal fan with three different speeds. It delivers reliably constant heat and produces airflow to create convection vaporization – sort of.

Significant temperature variation can occur is a few different ways. Since we are focusing on the Extreme Q vapor tower, let’s start with the fan-based convection system. The dense thermal mass of the ceramic heating core takes a long time to generate or dissipate heat, making the temperature reliable, but making temperature maintenance unreliable and inefficient. And, whenever you adjust the speed of the fan, it affects the heat up time along with the density of the vapor that your bag will be filled with. Between fan cycling and inefficient temp maintenance, a significant temp variation occurs – up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, in our testing.

Most vaporizers have a sweet spot for perfect temperature that generally falls somewhere within 335 to 385 degree Fahrenheit. In the case of the Extreme Q, that is just the time it takes for the display to register the temp at the heating core – not at the herb chamber. The snoop dogg dry herb vaporizer or other dry herb vaporizer amazon comes with built-in triple heat sensors, which are mostly an exclusive feature with Arizer’s flagship model herbal vaporizer. These sensors try to ensure temperature control by providing feedback to the processor, which adjusts accordingly. But, the sensors are noticeably absent from the point where the convection reaches your herbs. For optimal vaporization with the Extreme Q digital vaporizer, wait until the device reaches the desired set temp (displayed temp), attach the empty Cyclone bowl/herb chamber, wait 10 minutes, then fill the chamber with weed, wait 60 seconds, and begin vaporizing. But be careful to this when you buy vaporizer.

We hear tell of new, more expensive units that can heat up in as little as 10 seconds, and maintain actual temp to within 5 degrees F of the set temp. It’s amazing what technology can do these days and that it plays an increasing role in using herbs with vaporizers. Heat without fire, accuracy without delay, steady state without the wait – that is the longed-for promise of vapor, not smoke. We are still waiting for the herbal vaporizer that can deliver all this in a convenient, easy-to-use package. Anyone?

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